Club Legends Photoshoot - 20th June 2019


Hello all,

From All Stars to Senior Cricketers, coaches to committee, the club have booked a photoshoot for all members to take part in with Club Legends. This will take part on Thursday 20th June during junior training. – see this link for more info. – a video explaining more about the process

Each picture will take 1 minute approx and a team picture will be done digitally in post-production. All players are to photographed in whites/All Stars kit so please make sure you bring these with you on the day. You can always get changed into training kit afterwards.

Photographers are DBS cleared and will be on hand throughout the evening. Once pictures have been taken, you will then receive a secure link from Club Legends to purchase photos if you wish. Much like school photographs. – click this link to get an idea of the prices and products available.

The timings are approximate but we are looking to do pictures at these times:
4:30pm – Club Legends arrival and set up
5:30-6pm – Thursday All Stars group
6pm-6:30pm – Sunday All Stars group
6:30pm-7pm – All other juniors
7-8pm – Seniors/coaches/committee

If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch but we feel this is a great way to make our cricketers feel like legends and have an everlasting memory of their time at Norcross CC. I have attached some previews of what the pictures looked like last year.

Many thanks

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