Junior Team Entries 2019


Dear Parents & Players,

This year, the ECB have changed the recommendations for how junior cricket is to be played based on 3 years of research by Loughborough University.

The research shows that games need to be shorter and some teams may need to be made smaller (8 a side) and a softball element should be introduced too. The length of the pitches are to be shortened too, so the bowlers don’t have to bowl as far as they did previously. The Palace Shield Junior League has adopted some of these recommendations for the 2019 season.

We wish to get your opinion on which league your child would prefer to play in before we commit to our entries on March 7th. I would appreciate it if you could let me know your preferred option by March 3rd.

I am attending the junior meeting on Wednesday 27th February, and if you have any questions/comments for me to put forward to the junior league committee then please add these at the end of the form or text/email me. At this meeting, the final details will be arranged for the coming season.

Please can you complete the form below to indicate your preference?


Many Thanks

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